Hydac Optimicron Filter Element Products From Titan Fluid Technologies

11:35 - 6th Jan 2015 - by Titan FT

Hydac have a program of progressive conversion from Betamicron® (BN4HC) to Optimicron (ON) filter elements.

The Hydac Optimicron filter element range is designed to be used in all industries where first-class filtration efficiency and high cleanliness levels play an important role.

The new Optimicron filter element range by HYDAC is optimised in terms of high performance filtration efficiency and energy efficiency: They offer the best combination of filtration efficiency and pressure drop.


Depending on the element size up to 30% lower differential pressure (compared to Betamicron®4) through the interaction of the integrated innovations:

HELIOS-pleat geometry
Optimised filter media
Drainage layer on dirt side
Integrated drainage layer
Enormous energy and cost savings through the lower differential pressure over a long element service life
First-class filtration efficiency thanks to qualitatively high-grade Micro glass media
Expanding the micron rating spectrum by 1 and 15 μm
Innovative outer wrap with increased robustness and improved diffusor effect and hence homogeneous upstream flow of the filter mesh pack
The innovative features of the new technology in total show a highly positive impact on differential pressure of the elements. The new filter mesh pack geometry HELIOS for example contributes to a stabilisation of the pleats and an increased free flow surface. Significant advantage is a better flow behaviour and hence a lower differential pressure.

Hydac Optimicron filtration elements are recommended by and available through Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd.