Continental Hydraulics

 Continental Hydraulics valves, pumps and components are used in the world's most hostile environments.

Continental Hydraulics PowerFlow Directional Control Valves

The Continental Hydraulics offer some of the highest flow and pressure ratings available in the industry. Control options available include solenoid, lever, air, soft shift and cam operators. All valves are 100% tested and come with a standard 3-year warranty.

As standard Continental Hydraulics directional control valves are fitted with viton seals and are suitable for petroleum, most phosphate esters and water glycol.

Mounting options; sub-base or manifold mount in D03, D05, D08, and D10 configurations, conforming to NFPA and ANSI/ISO Standards.

High Flow rates; Size D03 up to 76 LPM, D05 up to 135 LPM, D08 up to 569 LPM, D10 up to 1041 LPM. Pressures up to 5000 PSI 

Continental Hydraulics Proportional Control Valves

Continental Hydraulics offer D03, D05 and D08 sized hydraulic proportional valves with some of the highest flow rates in the industry. They offer metered spools as well as cylinder spools.

Proportional valves are offered with On-board electronics or remote electronics with either open-loop of closed loop control capability. Spool position sensing is handles via state of the art Hall Effect sensor. Proportional Control Valves are controlled by electronic Amplifier control boards, and are commonly called electro-hydraulics. Proportional Valves control direction and the amount of fluid flow, or can control the amount of pressure within a system.

Continental Hydraulics Modular Stacking Valves, Cartridge Valves and In-Line valves

Continental Hydraulics offer a comprehensive range of modular stacking valves, cartridge valves and in-line valves. Modular stacking valves are designed to install between a valve and its mounting surface, or between two valves. Thus eliminating piping connections and reducing space/height requirements. Check, flow control, relief, reducing, sequencing, shuttle and counterbalance valves are all available from the various modular, cartridge and in-line valve ranges.

Continental Hydraulic Subbases and Manifolds

Subbases and manifolds can be supplied with a range of port options. There is also an optional relief valve cavity available. Continental Hydraulic products are available to match a variety of cartridge relief valve manufacturers including Sun Hydraulics, Modular Controls and various others.  Subbases are available with side, bottom or both port options. Manifolds have an isolation option to allow two independent pressure and/or tank ports. There are also two different valve spacing options for each manifold. A full range of adapter, transition, tapping and cover plates is available.

Continental Hydraulics PVR Series variable vane pumps

The Continental Hydraulics PVR Series variable volume, pressure compensated vane pump is the medium pressure workhorse of the industry. The rugged PVR vane pumps feature compact design and excellent horsepower to weight ratios. Maintaining constant pressure while matching system flow demands. Flow rates range from 15 LPM to 264 LPM. They are rated at 1500 psi full flow and come with a three-year warranty.

Continental Hydraulics PVX Series pumps variable vane pumps

The Continental Hydraulics PVX Series of variable flow hydraulic vane pumps can produce up to 3000 psi at full flow while offering greater flexibility in control options. Like the PVR Series PVX range of hydraulic pumps are also known for their quiet operation. Flow rates ranges from 30 LPM to 285 LPM. Single or tandem pump combinations available.

Continental Hydraulics HPV Series axial piston pumps

The Continental Hydraulics HPV Series variable displacement axial piston pumps offer flow rates ranging from 23 LPM to 110 LPM at full flow while producing up to 3500 psi. The HPV line is a direct fit replacement for the Vickers PVB and PVQ product ranges and the Dennison PV series. Port sizes and locations and shaft sizes match up exactly. Tandem and multiple pump combinations available.

Four pump control options are available. Choices include the standard pressure compensator control, remote pressure control, load sensing control, and horsepower limiting compensators.

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