We offer a wide range of pressure, temperature and level gauges as used in many industries including hydraulics, pneumatics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, refrigeration, medical, food and drink. The following are a small part of the range of gauges that Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd offer. 
Pressure Gauges and Vacuum gauges
General Purpose Gauges, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm diameter
Industrial Pressure Gauges, 80mm to 300mm diameter
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges, stainless steel case 63mm to 200mm diameter
Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges, heavy duty 63mm to 250mm diameter
Vacuum Gauges: 0-30 in Hg and bar as standard, other units available
Regulator Gauges for use with gas bottle regulators
Full Safety Pattern Pressure Gauges
Test Gauges: 50mm to 250mm diameter
Magnehelic Pressure Gauges: to measure standard or differential pressures of gas
Differential Pressure Gauges: 63mm to 100mm as standard
Digital Display Pressure Gauges
Pressure Transmitters
Compound Gauges
Liquid Level Gauges:
Hydrostatic tank contents gauges
Temperature Gauges:
Dial Thermometers Rigid Stem
Gas Filled Thermostats
Rigid Stem Thermometers
Digital Display Thermometers
Pipe Mounting Thermostats
Capillary Thermometers
Hand Held Digital Display Thermometers
Combined Temperature and Pressure Gauges

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