Sauer Danfoss

Titan Fluid Technologies supply Sauer Danfoss Hydraulics; Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic Piston Pumps and Hydraulic Piston Motors, Hydraulic Orbital Motors, Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Hydraulic Gear Motors, Hydraulic Valves, and Hydraulic Steering components.
Sauer Danfoss is a world leader in the design and manufacture of mobile hydraulic and electronic solutions for on and off-highway use. The Sauer Danfoss product range includes: Hydrostatic transmissions, open-circuit products, hydraulic piston pumps, orbital hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, steering products, mobile electronics, electric drives and TSD Integrated Controls.
Sauer Danfoss Orbital Hydraulic Motors; A wide range of low-speed hydraulic motors designed for moderate to heavy load requirements: The range includes;
Sauer Danfoss OML and OMM mini orbital hydraulic motors.
Sauer Danfoss DH, DS, OMP, OMR, OMRC, OMH and OMEW medium sized orbital hydraulic motors
Sauer Danfoss OMS, OMSS, OMSW, OMT, OMV, TMK, TMT and TMVW large orbital hydraulic motors
Sauer-Danfoss Hydraulic Valves; An extensive valve range designed for most applications, integrating multiple functions in compact packages for a strong, smooth and stable performance.
Sauer Danfoss PVG, PVG 32, PVG 100 and PVG 120 proportional directional control valves.
Sauer Danfoss PVBZ-HS single acting and PVBZ-HD double acting Hitch Control Valves.
Sauer Danfoss RCV Rock Shaft Control Valves.
Sauer Danfoss hydraulic cartridge valves and integrated circuits.
Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Axial Hydraulic Piston Pumps; The comprehensive product range includes;
Sauer Danfoss Series 40 and 42 Axial piston variable displacement, single and tandem hydraulic pumps.
Sauer Danfoss Series 45 Axial hydraulic piston pumps
Sauer Danfoss Series 90 closed circuit axial piston variable and fixed  displacement pumps
Sauer Danfoss Series 51 and 51-1 closed circuit bent axis variable displacement hydraulic motors
Sauer Danfoss Series H1 closed circuit pumps and bent axis variable displacement motors
Sauer Danfoss SKP1, SKP2, SNP, 25SP, CP, YCC and D Series open circuit gear units and axial piston pumps.
Sauer Danfoss steering components and systems;
Sauer Danfoss OSP, OSPB, OSPC, OSPF OSPQ and OSPM steering units
Sauer Danfoss OLSP-80, OLSA-80, OLS-320 steering priority valves
Sauer Danfoss OPVL and OVR steering valve blocks
Sauer Danfoss OSPE, EHPS and EH electrohydraulic steering components
Sauer Danfoss OSQA and OSQB steering flow amplifiers
Sauer Danfoss Hydrostatic Transmissions

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