Vacuum Products

Titan Fluid Technologies offer a wide range of specialist vacuum products from a number of leading vacuum component manufacturers including Piab, Convum, Coval and Vuototecnica. 

Our comprehensive vacuum product range includes; PVC vacuum cups, thermoplastic polyurethane vacuum cups, silicone vacuum cups, silicone free vacuum cups, nitrile vacuum cups, chloroprene vacuum cups, single and flexible bellows vacuum cups, vacuum grippers, vacuum ejectors, vacuum generators, vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, vacuum optimising controls.

Piab Vacuum Products

Piab are a world leader in vacuum technology and design innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world. Piab offer a complete line of vacuum pumps, vacuum accessories, vacuum conveyors, suction cups and holders, for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes. 

Piab utilizes COAX®, a completely new dimension in vacuum technology, in many of its products. COAX® cartridges are smaller, more energy efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors, and can be integrated directly into machinery. This allows for the design of a flexible, modular vacuum system. Piab Vacuum products include;

Piab PiGrip modular suction cups, Duraflex suction cups and bags.

Piab PiLine Micro, Mini, PiCompact 10 vacuum ejectors

Piab P3010, VGS3040, Mini vacuum pumps

Piab P5010, P6010, Classic, PiClassic medium series vacuum pumps

Piab P6040, Classic MP, Maxi large series vacuum pumps

Piab Coax Micro, Mini, Midi two-stage Coax vacuum cartridges

Piab VGS 2010 small series integrated vacuum cup and cartridge 

Piab VGS 3010, VGS 3040 medium series integrated vacuum cup and cartridge

Piab VGS 5010 large series integrated vacuum cup and cartridge

Piab pneumatic vacuum switches

Piab electrically operated vacuum switches

Piab vacuum sensors

Piab QR, AQR, AQR02 atmospheric quick release valves

Piab DS23 vacuum on/off solenoid valve

Piab DIP55 vacuum 2/2 solenoid valve

Piab PVBS 3 eco-friendly vacuum and blow pumps

Convum Vacuum Products 

Convum are a major Japanese manufacturer of vacuum products. Convum offer an extensive range of cost effective vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, vacuum valves and vacuum suction cups and spring loaded holders. The Convum vacuum range includes; 

Convum MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5 compact solenoid operated vacuum generators 

Convum MCA in-line vacuum generators

Convum CV, CVA, CVF-1, CVF-2 solenoid operated vacuum generators

Convum MPV3 multi functional vacuum switching pumps

Convum MPV4, MPV5, MPV6 vacuum switches

Convum VTE, VTL rotary vacuum pumps

Convum DA diaphragm vacuum pumps 

Convum DS01AN vacuum break valves

Convum VF, VF2, VF3, VF5, VF6, VFL vacuum filters

Convum CH-01 vacuum check valves

Convum SC-4 vacuum gauges

Convum single & bellows suction cups in various materials

Coval Vacuum Products

Coval are a French based manufacturing company whose vacuum products are sold on an international basis. Coval offer vacuum suction cups, suction cup spring loaded holders, vacuum Switches, venturi generators, vacuum generators, and vacuum accessories. 

The Coval vacuum product range includes; Oblong vacuum suction cups, curved vacuum suction cups, bottle handling vacuum suction cups, paper handling vacuum suction cups, bag opening vacuum suction cups, egg handling vacuum suction cups, heavy load vacuum suction cups

Coval GVA, GVAS, GVAB, GVAD, GV small sized venturi vacuum generators

Coval  GVP, GVC GVPD modular venturi vacuum generators, with optional gripping and blow-off controls

Coval GVMAX regulated venturi vacuum generator with blow-off 

Coval SILGV-SILK-C vacuum silencers

Coval FVI, FVUM, FVUG, FVL 12 in-line vacuum filters

Coval M--C air amplifiers for gripping porous and light products

Coval GVP--I stainless steel venturis for aggressive gases and liquids, also available in plastic and Teflon. 

Coval PSE100EC, PSE100P, PSX100 electric, pneumatic and electronic vacuum switch

Vuototecnica Vacuum Products 

Vuototecnica are a leading Italian manufacturer of technologies for creating and handling vacuum. With a comprehensive range of vacuum components includingsuction cups, vacuumpumps, vacuum generatorsandpneumatic pumpsets, Vuototecnica can deliver the best solution for your needs. Vuototecnica vacuum products include; 

Vuototecnica flat round vacuum suction cups with or without holders

Vuototecnica flat rectangular vacuum suction cups with or without holders

Vuototecnica Foam rubber vacuum suction cups with or without holders

Vuototecnica large vacuum suction cups 150mm -360mm 

Vuototecnica vacuum suction cups with self-locking support

Vuototecnica special suction cup holders with non-return valve

Vuototecnica vacuum suction cup articulated joints

Vuototecnica vacuum reducers

Vuototecnica solenoid operated vacuum valves

Vuototecnica vacuum pumps

Vuototecnica vacuum generators

Atmosphere to Vacuum Conversion Table

mbar in Hg Torr psi % vacuum
1013 0.0 759.8 14.7 0
950 1.8 712.6 13.8 5
900 3.3 675.1 13.1 10
850 4.8 637.6 12.3 15
800 6.3 600.0 11.6 20
750 7.8 562.5 10.9 25
700 9.2 525.0 10.2 30
650 10.7 487.5 9.4 35
600 12.2 450.0 8.7 40
550 13.7 412.5 8.0 45
500 15.1 375.0 7.3 50
450 16.6 337.5 6.5 55
400 18.1 300.0 5.8 60
350 19.6 262.5 5.1 65
300 21.0 225.0 4.4 70
250 22.5 187.5 3.6 75
200 24.0 150.0 2.9 80
150 25.5 112.5 2.2 85
100 26.9 75.0 1.5 90
50 28.4 37.5 0.7 95
25 29.2 18.8 0.4 97.5
10 29.6 7.5 0.1 99
0 29.9 0.0 0.0 100

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