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Moog Cartridge Valves, Moog Servocartridge Valves and Moog RKP Radial Piston Pump products are available from Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd. Moog design and manufacture high-performance motion control solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications including plastics, metal forming, power generation, steel production, test and simulation, wind energy, and others.
Moog Cartridge and Servocartridge Valves
Moog Cartridge Valves, also known as slip-In logic elements, are used for directional, pressure, check, and flow control. Moog Cartridge Valves mounted in a manifold block provide a compact, integrated circuit for simplified machine design and reduced system costs. The cartridge is designed to fit into a cavity and is held in place by a cover.
Moog Servocartridge Valves are used for directional flow control and are designed to be installed in to manifold 'slip-in' cavities.  Employing Moog's proven integrated Electric Feedback Control (EFB); they combine high dynamic performance with precise control for hydraulic actuators.
Moog RKP Radial Piston Pumps
Moog is the leading supplier for Radial Piston Pumps (RKP) worldwide. This mature and robust product has been used for decades and runs today in over 100,000 machines in various applications around the globe. It is widely known for its robust and reliable design. Moog RKP Radial Piston Pumps have been optimized to provide the highest durability and low noise levels as well low flow and pressure pulsation.
The RKP range has an intelligent control mechanism that allows the user to optimize the usage of control entities within a hydraulic system, often making the need for central control hardware redundant. The RKP design is a proven product for harsh environments including a model developed specifically for explosion proof applications.
The benefits and features of the Moog RKP range of radial piston pumps
The Moog Radial Piston pump comes in 7 pump sizes between 19 cc and 140 cc per revolution (19, 32, 45, 63, 80,100, and 140) and has a maximum speed range of 1,800 to 2,900 rpm.
The standard design permits continuous pressure to 280 bar (4,000 PSI) with 350 bar (5,000 PSI) peak limit, and the high-pressure version is capable of continuous pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 PSI) with 420 bar (6,000 PSI) peak limit.
A large range of control options including standard pressure compensator (Type F), remote pressure compensator (Type H), pressure and flow control (Type J,R) and digital electro-hydraulic control (RKP-D).
Various mounting flanges and housings conforming to latest SAE and ISO standards
Clockwise and counter-clockwise direction of shaft rotation.
Clockwise and counter-clockwise direction of shaft rotation.
Accessories available to limit maximum flow.

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