Festo are a leading manufacturer of automation products. We supply the full range of Festo Pneumatic components, which include the following
Festo Cylinders: VDMA/ISO cylinders, rodless cylinders, compact cylinders, semi-rotary drives, tandem cylinders, multi-position cylinders, guided cylinders, stopper cylinders, clamping cylinders, cylinder-valve combinations, cylinder attachments and accessories.
Festo Valves: Solenoid and pneumatically operated directional control valves, mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves, shut-off valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, pneumatic proportional valves, process valves, valve accessories.
Festo Valve Terminals (valve/manifold assemblies): Standard based valve terminals, universal valve terminals, accessories for valve terminals.
Festo Mechanical Grippers: Parallel grippers, three-point grippers, angled grippers, radial grippers, swivel gripper units, bellows grippers.
Festo Vacuum Technology: Vacuum generators, vacuum pads, vacuum accessories.
Festo Compressed air preparation: Service unit combinations, filter regulator/lubricators, filter regulators, regulators, lubricators, on-off valves, soft-start valves, air dryers, air distributor condensate drains, silencers, exhaust cleaners, pressure gauges.
Festo Pneumatic Fittings System: Tubing fittings, pipe push-in fittings for PQ tubes, KD, KS, KDV, KDVF KM couplings, distributors,  protective conduit systems, Festo O.D tubing

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