Vickers & CKD

Vickers are one of the most experienced and respected names in hydraulics and pneumatics. Vickers Hydraulics division are a comprehensive supplier of power and motion control components and systems, Vickers vane and piston pumps, valves, electro-hydraulic controls, cylinders and filtration products. Char –Lynn hydraulic motors. Pneumatic products offered include CKD Pneumatics and Lang Pneumatic products.

Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd supply Vickers hydraulic and pneumatic products. Vickers products offered include;
Vickers Hydraulic Cylinders: G Series hydraulic large tie-rod cylinders, I Series hydraulic isometric cylinders, L Series hydraulic light duty cylinders, M Series hydraulic mill duty cylinders, N Series NFPA hydraulic tie-rod cylinders, T Series hydraulic threaded body cylinders, W Series hydraulic industrial welded body cylinders, XL Series hydraulic extra large custom cylinders.
Vickers Hydraulic Piston Motors: MD-CC hydraulic closed circuit medium duty piston pumps and motors, Series 1 hydraulic heavy duty fixed and variable displacement motors, DynaPower hydraulic motors, hydraulic bent-axis open and closed circuit motors, ME  hydraulic high-torque motors, Hydrokraft hydraulic axial piston motors, PVB and PVQ open circuit piston motors.
Vickers Hydraulic Vane Motors: M2U hydraulic motors, M2-210 low pressure hydraulic motors, M high pressure hydraulic motors.
Vickers Hydraulic Piston Pumps: 420 and 620 Series hydraulic piston motors, PVE hydraulic open circuit piston pumps, PVM hydraulic medium pressure piston pumps, PVH hydraulic high performance piston pumps, MD-PFC hydraulic medium pressure flow compensated piston pumps.
Vickers Hydraulic Vane Pumps: Variable displacement vane pumps, V10 and V20 Series hydraulic fixed displacement vane pumps, V Series hydraulic fixed displacement vane pumps, VQ(H) hydraulic fixed displacement vane pumps, VMQ hydraulic fixed displacement hydraulic vane pumps, VTM hydraulic fixed displacement Vane Pumps.
Vickers Hydraulic Valves: Hydraulic check valves, hydraulic directional valves, hydraulic flow controls, hydraulic pressure controls, hydraulic proportional directional valves, hydraulic proportional flow valves, hydraulic proportional pressure valves, hydraulic proportional valve electronics, hydraulic servo valves, hydraulic cartridge valves, Char-Lynn hydraulic low-speed high torque geroler/geroter motors, hydraulic spool valve motors, hydraulic disc valve motors, hydraulic VIS (Valve-In Star) motors.
Vickers Hydraulic Filtration Products: Hydraulic return line filters, hydraulic pressure filters, hydraulic spin-on filters, hydraulic suction strainers, hydraulic tank air breathers.
Vickers Hydraulic Accumulators: hydraulic bladder accumulators, hydraulic diaphragm accumulators, hydraulic piston accumulators.
Char-Lynn hydraulic low-speed high torque geroler/geroter motors, hydraulic spool valve motors, hydraulic disc valve motors, hydraulic VIS (Valve-In Star) motors.
Vickers Lang Pneumatics: Pneumatic rodless cylinders, pneumatic directional control valves, pneumatic solenoid control valves.
CKD Pneumatics is one of Japans largest manufacturers of pneumatic equipment. CKD pneumatic products include;
CKD Valves: pneumatic micro solenoid valves, pneumatic directional valves, pneumatic solenoid valves, pneumatic valve island configurations.
CKD Airline: Pneumatic FRL’s, pneumatic-electronic flow sensors, pneumatic pressure regulators, pneumatic pressure switches.
CKD Cylinders: Pneumatic clamping cylinders, pneumatic low friction cylinders, pneumatic linear slide cylinders.

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