HYDAC Technology products from Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd offers a range of HYDAC and Flupac products that include; filters and filter elements, accumulators; cooling systems; valves, clamps and  accessories, electronic and diagnostic equipment, compact hydraulics, fluid service products and industrial processing equipment. Hydac and Flupac products meet or exceed ISO Standards.

Hydac Technology products include the following;
Hydac Filter Technology: high pressure, low pressure, spin-on, process filtration units and elements

Hydac Accumulator Technology: bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators; pulsation dampeners, shock absorbers, shut-off valves, accumulator mounting components and accessories

Hydac Cooling System Technology:  Industrial coolers, mobile coolers, oil/air coolers, plate heat exchangers (oil-water), pump transfer systems 

 Hydac Accessories: ball valves, pipe clamps and reservoir accessories

Hydac Electronic and Diagnostic Measurement Technology: pressure, temperature transducers, and switches, flow rate meters, portable data recorders

Hydac Compact Hydraulics Technology:  Compact hydraulic power units, coolers and conditioning units, needle, flow and check valves, cartridge valves and manifold accessories

 Hydac Fluid Service Technology: Portable and offline filtration units, contamination monitors and sensors, and water removal units

Industrial Processing Technology: Industrial process filters, low pressure and high pressure filters, inline filters, stainless steel filters, RF3 automatic back flushing technology

 Titan Fluid Technologies supply the full range off Hydac and Flupac products, and can also offer engineering advice, installation and service.

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