Electric Motors, Gear Boxes, Bell Housings & Drive Couplings

Electric Motors, Bellhousings, Drive Couplings, Rubber Spiders and PTO Gearboxes are part of Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd large range of products. All major pump manufacturers are catered for including Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics, Parker Hydraulics, Dennison Hydraulics, Vickers Hydraulics and Sauer Danfoss variations.
We supply monobloc and modular type bellhousings and drive couplings and rubber spiders to standards including VDMA and ATEX to suit Group 1, 2 and 3 gear pumps, and SAE, ISO standard flanged pumps. Bellhousings are available for motor sizes from D56 to D400. Bellhousing materials include aluminium alloy, cast iron and sg iron materials. Bellhousings are available manufactured in additional materials for aggressive environments.
Low Noise Bellhousings are available in many sizes and can provide significant noise reduction compared to all metal bellhousings. No separate damping flange is required.
Half Couplings are supplied in Aluminium alloy. Spiders are usually supplied in Polyurethane, Acryl-Nitrile-BuNa 75 shore black or Acryl-Nitrile-BuNa 92 shore red.
We offer a wide range of electric motors including the following. Aluminium 3 Phase electric motors, Cast Iron 3 Phase electric motors, Aluminium Single Phase electric motors, Hazardous Area 3 Phase electric motors, Cast Iron Open Drip Proof IP23 electric motors and High Efficiency electric motors.
PTO gearboxes use a gear ratio to increase the speed of drive from a tractor PTO to a higher speed more suited to hydraulic pumps. Typical applications are when the oil flows and pressures required to drive implements or machinery cannot be obtained from the existing tractor hydraulic system.


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