Hydraulic Servicing & Repairs

Operating from a workshop/office complex in Washington, Tyne and Wear, Titan Fluid Technologies are specialists in the development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of hydraulic systems. We also offer an on-site or workshop based service and repair facility with our experience of most major makes of hydraulic components in the industry. 
We offer a complete service to re-engineer existing equipment to either extend the working life or upgrade to provide improved performance or different functions.  Improvements offered use the latest electro-hydraulic equipment to provide ease of control and monitoring of functions in both safe and hazardous work areas.
Hydraulic Power Pack Overhaul
At the heart of every hydraulic system lies a hydraulic power unit. From an initial site visit our qualified engineers can advise on the work and modifications required for your equipment to run more efficiently and reduce future downtime. We can where necessary remove the power pack and return it to our works for a full overall and test. In our workshops the internal system condition and performance can be assessed, to optimise pump flow, pressure characteristics and valve operation. The power pack then will be returned to site re-installed and the system commissioned.
Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic Motor Repairs
Our service department will test, strip, clean, and assess where appropriate your hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor in our own workshops. Often quicker than a new unit which in some cases can be 10-14 weeks or longer, most makes of hydraulic pump or motor are also repairable at a much lower cost than purchasing new. The types of hydraulic pump and motors repaired include internal gear, external gear, rotary screw, fixed vane, variable vane, fixed piston and variable piston. All hydraulic pumps and motors are serviced and repaired using only genuine original parts from the original manufacturer.
We offer a repair service on many makes of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor including; Bosch Rexroth, Moog, Vickers, Sauer Danfoss, Racine, Eaton, Parker Hannifin, Denison and Calzoni.
Hydraulic Valve Repairs
Most manufacturers hydraulic control valves including those from Bosch Rexroth, Moog, Vickers and Parker Hannifin can often be serviced at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. At Titan Fluid Technologies we can where cost effective, service and repair your control valves from a simple directional control valve through to a more complex manifold assembly using servo valves, proportional valves and solenoid valves. If your hydraulic valves cannot be economically repaired our parts team will quote you alternatives from our range of recommended hydraulic valve manufacturers.
Hydraulic Accumulator Repairs
Titan Fluid Technologies service department offers a repair service on hydraulic accumulators. We can fulfil your full hydraulic accumulator requirements including recertification: Makes repaired include Bosch, Hydac, Olaer, Fawcett Christie, QHP, EPE and Parker Hannifin. Our hydraulic accumulator services also include on site engineers to remove and re-fit vessels from the machine and on site pre-charging.
Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
Titan Fluid Technologies not only supply standard and custom built hydraulic cylinders and rotary actuators, but also offer a repair service on all makes of hydraulic cylinder and rotary actuator.
Hydraulic cylinder repairs are carried out in the quickest and most cost effective manner and as you would expect from a company committed to quality and customer service, are all fully guaranteed.
Hydraulic Fluid Conditioning Monitoring
Hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system gradually degrades over a period of time due to the absorption of moisture and dirt particles. It is widely accepted in our industry that contamination is a significant problem in many hydraulic applications. In fact it is estimated that over 85% of hydraulic system failures can be attributed to contaminated hydraulic fluid.
It is the identification of contamination in a hydraulic system before it reaches the point where machine performance starts to decline that is crucial in preventing expensive individual component or complete hydraulic system failure.
Titan Fluid Technologies offer a hydraulic fluid condition monitoring service designed to assist in identifying potential hydraulic system contamination problems and extending system life. Using ‘state of the art’ laser particle analyser technology, fluid can be analysed off-line, on-line, in situ or off site to provide a reading of oil quality.
Titan Fluid Technologies offer;
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Component Sales
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Design and Consultancy
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Service and Repair
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Preventive Maintenance
Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Testing and Faultfinding
Hydraulic Component Repairs
Hydraulic Fluid Conditioning Monitoring