MP Filtri

MP Filtri Hydraulics design, develop and, manufacture a comprehensive range of hydraulic filtration products and a complete range of power transmission components and accessories for hydraulic power units. The MP Filtri Hydraulics product range covers four main areas;

A range of filters and replacement elements to operate across a wide range of fluid types. This includes hydraulic filters for suction and return lines, in-line medium and high pressure filters, single and duplex types, spin on filters and off-line filtration units.
Components, for coupling a motor to a pump using bell housings and drive couplings, aluminium tanks, tank inspection covers. Tank Accessories including sight level gauges, electrical level indicators and filler breathers.
Bladder Accumulators and charging accessories
Products for monitoring contamination for the production of particle counters and accessories. In-line Condition Monitoring; ICM in-line fluid condition monitor, AZ2 ATEX fluid condition monitor, PML permanently mounted in-line particle analyser. Portable condition monitoring: LPA2 twin laser particle analyser, LML2 compact laser particle analyser, BS110 and BS250 bottle samples.

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