Hydraulic Cylinders/Glands/Seal Kits

Titan Fluid Technologies are a hydraulic manufacturing company providing effective solutions for all hydraulic applications. We design, supply and repair; single acting, double acting and telescopic hydraulic cylinders, and rack and pinion type rotary actuators for industrial, marine and sub-sea applications. We offer a wide range of standard units and custom specific designed products. Hydraulic cylinders can be supplied in a wide range of sizes. Options include; marine specifications, electronic positioning control, end of stroke cushioning, overcentre valves, load control valves, manifold mounted valves, piston rods in a variety of standard and speciality steels, including carbon and stainless steels, hard and nickel plated chromes, extended cushioning, ports, stoke adjustments, gland drains, and special paint finishes.
All standard and non-standard paint finishes are accommodated in-house in our large specialist paint spraying booth.
Standard Products include;
Series CW hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic welded construction cylinders to Cetop RP 58H. Suitable for use in a wide number of industrial, marinised and sub-sea applications
Series CB hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic mill type cylinders. Maximum pressures 250 bar, dimensions to Cetop RP 73H.
Series CT hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic tie rod cylinders used in a variety of applications. The product range is totally interchangeable with other tie-rod cylinder manufacturers including Parker Hannifin and Bosch Rexroth.
Hydraulic rotary actuators, rack and pinion type. Standard units available with torque outputs from 20Nm to 4200Nm. Single and double rack hydraulic rotary actuators. 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree and 360 degree, or intermediate rotational angles available. Hydraulic rotary actuators available with a wide range of mountings and drive output styles.
Hydraulic cylinder repairs are carried out in the quickest and most cost effective manner and as you would expect from a company committed to quality and customer service, and are fully guaranteed.

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